A Backup Air Compressor Is a Real Lifesaver!

A Backup Air Compressor is a Real Lifesaver!

Let's share a story on how our team saved the client business.

Several months ago, I had an urgent call from my future loyal client. It was medium size manufacturing in northern England.

The production manager told me that two compressors stopped working. Because the power cut. It happens time-to-time. That's why all production stopped. The main problem was that some important delivery was ahead.

Luckily, we had one of our babies, AFLATEK 30A Screw compressor. Our technician set up the compressor in several hours.

We saved production and our new client bought one more smaller compressor for back up.

It's crucial having a back up compressor on stock. This ensures stable production and insurance from any unexpected.

Our sales managers help you to pick the best option. Contact us if you are buying a small oil free silent line compressor or heavy duty machine.

Our Technician consultations are free online 24/7.

We keep our promises!

See more of our products on https://stokker.co.uk/

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