Air Compressor Easy Guide CFM vs CSFM

Air Compressor Easy Guide CFM vs CSFM

Imagine a situation you are looking for a quick way to paint your living room.
Or maybe you would like to set up a small workshop in your garage. You need an air compressor to buy! It is not that simple to pick what you need you might get lost in all these numbers and calculations. Besides greedy sellers can mess up and sell you more expensive equipment.
Do not afraid! We will guide you on how to easily select a tool that suits you.

Selecting compressor 1st step always to check CFM or CSFM values.
Take the tool you would like to use and check how much CFM it consumes. Multiply value this by 1.5, go to the web page, and look for a compressor that has CFM matches this value.

Example of simple air gun

For example, you have an air gun that consumes 5;
We Multiply 5 by 1.5 and get 7.5;

Go to page and look for a compressor with 7.5 CSFM;
in the case of many air guns put required consumption together.

If it is hard for you just call this number +447513083564 and our team will assist you!

Theory for nerds:

  • CFM

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Meter. It shows the whole volume of the air delivered to the device at the moment

  • CSFM

CSFM stands for Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. It is the same thing as CFM, but its value depends on certain conditions. It is the volume of air delivered to a device under given conditions.

Conditions are:

  • 20 degrees Celsius,
  • 14.7 PSI
  • 36% Rel. Humidity.


Always look for CSFM, when selecting an air compressor. it shows the actual output of equipment.
Multiply Required output to 1.5 to be safe for ambient environmental changes.

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