Concrete Contamination Complete Blow Off

BMW or Land Rover? What is better?

Many of you select one or another.

But truth that each of this cars have own area of use. BMW best at flat roads.

Land Rover on country side.

Same approach works for compressors.

We have silent line that beautify supports you in dental office and heavy duty off-road fellows that can survive in severe conditions.

Let us share with you  real life experience.

Constructor company Northern Wales needs air to clean up pipeline that are used for concrete delivery.

Our sales representatives takes our AFLATEK AIR100L to the site and in several minutes set up system for automatic air delivery to clean up all pipes.

Another happy customer for us! Now they can simply plug and go and clean concrete pipelines right on the field!

If you are interested in engineering set up check our video below.


As with the car different kind of car works best in specific condition. Same with air compressors.

Don't hesitate to ask our sales representative for advice. We will help you always select right tool to execute your task!

Consultation is always free of charge!

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