Aflatek Silent 40L Air Compressor

Posted by Nikko Lewis on

Aflatek Silent 40L air compressor is an oil-free compressor that needs lesser maintenance can perform efficiently to provide clean and clear air for smooth tool function. The unit consists of a steel tank having the capacity to accommodate 40L of air and offer ultra-quiet operation for smoother and easier use.

The compressor offers 3 CFM for 40 PSI and at 90 PSI it gives 2.30 CFM. This level of pressure and the amount of paint flow is reasonable for the perfect painting job. At its maximum, it can reach up to 116 PSI. The motor in this air compressor operates at 0.8 HP and has an increased duty cycle to give continuously longer run time for consistent compressor performance without any interruption.

Due to the fact, most of the air compressors that are used for painting have to work consistently at a constant pressure and CFM that requires an uninterrupted flow of the pain for high-quality results, they should control thermal overload actively. This one comes with protection against overload protector.

The ultra-quiet motor operates quietly and produces noise for up to 66 decibels only which is negligible and may not affect the user and the surroundings in any harmful way.

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