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All our compressors  have 1 years warranty.

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❗️⚠️❗️⚠️❗️⚠️How to Maintain an Air Compressor
With proper care and maintenance, a good air compressor will provide you with years of quality use and service. Proper maintenance will be the difference in a compressor that lasts many years and one that conks out after a few months of use. In order to extend the life of your air compressor, follow these tips to properly maintain it in tip top condition:

Always drain moisture from the tanks - The receiver tank on your air compressor will collect moisture from the air that it is compressing. If you live in a humid climate area, the collection tank will accumulate water quite quickly. You should always make sure that the tank is drained every time you finish using the compressor. Before draining the water, make sure to release the pressure from the air tank.
Clean intake vents - Causing your area compressor to work too hard is the biggest killer of most air compressors. Over time, intake vents will become dirty and cause an air compressor to lose power. So, clean your intake vents frequently to prolong the life of your air compressor.
Change air filters as needed - A dirty air filter on a compressor causes way too much stress on the compressor and almost always shortens its life. So, check the air filter frequently and blow it out. Also, make sure to check and change it at least every six months.
Other types of maintenance- The below is a list of other types of maintenance you should regularly perform on your area compressor to keep it running at its best:
Regularly tighten all fasteners
Check hoses regularly
Test safety shutdown system
Clean the fuel tank
Occasionally change compressor oil
Occasionally change the separator element.