Air preparation unit - ATS P-680 3/4" PRO

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A few in one! 
This tool is a perfect example of equipment that perfectly protects your pneumatic systems from damage. The air block includes an oil separator and a regulator with a pressure gauge, filter, separator, so you do not have to buy these devices separately.

The air block is used to regulate the working pressure in compressed air systems and to compensate for any pressure deviations. The block contains a water separator, it purifies compressed air from oil, condensate and solid particles. It is used for lubricating the air supplying receivers that require lubrication.

Maintain a constant pressure level! 
Thanks to the elements contained in the air block, you can easily maintain the desired pressure in the installation. The device operates in the working range of 0.5-12 bar, which means easy adaptation to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Removal of moisture from the air
The device has a special filter cartridge that allows you to purify the air from moisture. Its efficiency means that the interior of your pneumatic system will always be clean from moisture.

Persistent durability
Clean air is the absolute foundation of the failure-free operation of any pneumatic system. Thanks to the air block, you can easily remove used oil from the internal parts of the pneumatic system.

Easy information reading
The air block is equipped with a readable manometer, which allows for the most precise readings of pressure values.

Working temperature :
0 ° C to + 60 ° C
Pressure regulation :
0.5-12 bar
Air connection :
3/4 "
Material :
filter and dispenser container: polycarbonate
Housing - aluminum alloy
container cover: aluminum alloy
Standard filter :
5 micrometers (40 micrometers possible - on your own)
Flow value for max. pressure :
3600 l / min
The scale of the manometer :
0 - 16 bar / 0 - 230 psi
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