Air pressure regulator with water separator - RQS - 3/4"

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Operation of the air treatment unit:

  • drying of humid air - condensation water is stopped and condensed in the tank with an easily accessible trigger
  • Separation of used oil - oxidized in the compressor at high temperature behaves like an acid
  • filtration of the air from particulates like dust and metal particles - filtration efficiency of 40 microns
  • reduction and maintenance of a constant working pressure - in the range of 0-12 bar, accurate reading on the pressure gauge
  • air saturation with oil mist - oil injected under pressure does not settle and is transported to the installation up to 10m

Benefits of using the air preparation block:

  • Protection of pneumatic tools against the harmful effects of moisture and acid oil worked in the compressor.
  • Uninterrupted lubrication of components exposed to friction - extended service life of pistons, actuators or impact mechanisms.
  • Reliability of optimal and failure-free operation of equipment supplied in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations - guarantee of constant operating pressure in the installation, regardless of fluctuations in compressor parameters.

Operational observations:

  • Oil mist injected under pressure is effectively delivered at a distance of up to 10m behind the oiler,
  • The oil should be dispensed with the adjustment screw at the top of the transparent dome, in which we observe falling drops of oil. The regulation principle: 1 drop for every 300-600 l / min of flowing air. depending on the devices used.
  • The 40μm filter cartridge (used for general industry and workshop applications) should be washed and blown or replaced at the latest when the pressure drop exceeds 0.5bar.
Pressure regulation :
0.5-12 bar
Working temperature :
0 ° C to + 60 ° C
Flow rate :
2600 l / min
Inlet pressure :
1-16 bar
Material :
Housing - Zinc die-cast Filter container - Polycarbonate Metal container cover - Aluminum alloy
Standard filter :
40 microns (5 microns possible - on your own)
Ending :
3/4 "
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