AIR PREPARATION UNIT - ATS P600 1/4" STD (1/4", 3/8", 1/2")

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This tool is a perfect example of equipment that perfectly protects your pneumatic systems from damage. The air block contains an oil separator and regulator with a pressure gauge, filter, and dehydrator, so you do not have to buy these devices separately.

Digestion for years
The filter unit is made of high-quality materials - the casing is based on an aluminum alloy, and the filter and dosing container contain durable polycarbonate. The NBR gaskets ensure perfect tightness of connections.

A simple reading of parameters
The device is equipped with a readable manometer so that you can check the pressure parameters in the system at any time. 

Clean air in the system
Provide your pneumatic devices with clean air - the ATS P-600 effectively removes not only solid particles from the air but also residual oil, condensate, and moisture.

Working temperature :
0 ° C to + 60 ° C
Pressure regulation :
0.5 - 9 bar
Air connection :
1/4 "
Standard filter :
5 micrometers (40 micrometers possible - on your own)
Material :
filter and dispenser container: polycarbonate
housing: aluminum alloy
seals: NBR
The scale of the manometer :
0 - 10 bar / 0 - 150 psi



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