Water separator filter - ATS MIDI - 5 mic

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Clean air in the compressor.
The filter insert thoroughly removes solid particles from the air in the pneumatic equipment. This allows them to work properly - the insert allows you to get rid of unwanted elements from the air. 

Fits 99% of steam traps! 
This insole is compatible with REDATS and other companies' products. Contact us and find out if your device will work with our cartridge. 

Excellent performance
The filter cartridge for the trap will ensure effective air preparation for an operation. The capacity of 5 micrometers makes the dehydrator the perfect choice wherever high efficiency is essential! Effectively cleanses and dries the air in the compressor from the remains of old oil or other impurities. 

Easy installation. 
Replacing the filter cartridge in the steam trap will take a few seconds at the most! Just pull out the used cartridge and put a new product in its place. Importantly, the device is ready for an operation just after replacing the insert.

The degree of filtration :
5 μm
Application :
MIDI separators
Inner diameter :
22 mm
Outer diameter :
27 mm
Overall height :
23 mm
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