Screw50A AFLATEK Screw Type Air Compressor

  • £4,749.99

Advantages of the AFLATEK Screw50A

ultra low noise level screw type air compressor  :

    • Super silent.  Creating a quiet working environment.

    • Low vibration. With special rubber feet, reduce vibration during operation.

    • Pure air flow. Oil free design, no lubrication oil needed during operation

    • Core technology. Diamond hardness cylinder ensure durable working performance.

    • Fashion and durable design. Compact structure,light weight, working for more than 20000hours.

    • Use safety.  With multiple self protection system to ensure equipment and personal safety.

    • Easy operation. Quite simple operation,no need any more maintenance, just drainage regularly.

    • Low energy consumption. Full automatic design, low consumption

    • Tank inside has done anti-rust treatment. Ensure pure outlet air flow for medical equipments.

  • Descriptions Screw50A
    Power supply , V: 380/50hZ
    Motor power, kW: 37
    Air delivery at 8bar, L/min at 8bar: 6200
    Air delivery at 10bar, L/min at 10bar: 5600
    Drive type / Starting System Direct-Driven / Y
    Lube oil (L) 30
    Outlet Diameter, inch: DN40
    Noise level, dB: 68+2
    Dimensions, (length x width x height), mm: 1500x1000x1330
    Gross Weight , kg: 850