Water separator - RQS 1" with pressure gauge

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  • An indispensable element of every pneumatic installation. It dries and purifies the air leaving the compressor from impurities and residues of used oil.
  • Separation of the condensate prevents premature rusting of pneumatic tools, the appearance of streaks when painting with a gun, penetration of moisture into the interior of pumped wheels, etc.
  • The body and container of the dehumidifier made of durable polycarbonate.
  • Extremely low airflow resistance is relative to the device's capabilities.
  • Adjusting the output pressure with a legible pressure gauge allows you to set the appropriate pressure for the target devices by the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Filter cartridge 40um.
  • Manual condensate drain.
Inlet pressure :
1-16 bar
Working temperature :
0 ° C to + 60 ° C
Material :
Housing - Zinc die-casting
Filter container - Polycarbonate
Container cover - Aluminum alloy
Pressure regulation :
0.5-12 bar
Flow rate :
8000 l / min
Accuracy of filtration :
5 or 40 microns
Ending :
1 '
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